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Service provided

Large Fleet Owners

Fleet owners present in multi-regions, need adequate leveled demand to counter fluctuations, win reverse hauls, maximize capacity fulfillment to increase and sustain their growth.

Medium Size Fleet Owners

Industry specific trucking operations such as containers or projects, or sector agnostic movements, medium size fleet owners are always toiling to increase their customer base.

Single Operators

With inconsistent demand, precise and confirmed requirements with faster payment cycles keeps the single operators engaged and on the move for providing optimum returns on their investments.

Trucking Brokers

Use of extensive network to cater to distinct nature of trucking requirements and faster response and deployment time for vehicles.

Increase Earnings.
Boost Uptime.
FERO Trucking

Intelligent and smart trucking on an unified platform.

Faster and Secure Payments

Timely payments and payment security from registered shippers with trucking life-cycle triggered events.
Continuous rate mining and contextual notifications for leveling selling rates as per market conditions.
Opportunity to engage in short- or long-term contracts with smart contracts for auto payments as per confirmed terms.

Automated Functions

Real time assistance by ‘TIA’ for quoting and coordinating to cover the activities of your sales and operations.
Simplifying trip expense and document management through powerful logs to let you manage operations easily
Single window for all your supply fulfillment by bringing your current shippers on the platform

Superior Trucking

Maximize Uptime of your fleet with selecting orders that fit your ideal time
Meet un-fulfilled demand by having access to available fleets from other trucking partners by acting as a broker and leveraging your network
Lease-to-market facility as per the shipper’s requirement to enabling stakeholders to customize operations effectively

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