About Us

FERO Trucking is bringing a paradigm shift
to the trucking eco-system
by synchronizing "Human Trucking Expertise"
and "Novel Technologies".

Optimizing Trucking Eco-system ... Absolutely


Comprises of a group of Entrepreneurs, Strategists, Domain Experts, Researchers, Technology Professionals – Data Scientists, Blockchain Experts, Programmers from corporate and academic environment.
This elite group has created and continue to develop and enhance its proprietary technology and solutions which are simple, convenient, reliable, efficient, transparent and economical. The technology solutions which uses AI/ML/Neural Networks/Deep Learning/Blockchain, seamlessly addresses the existing domain problems and makes the operations highly automated and data-driven.
The lab is pushing boundaries to create the next generation logistics and freight data science.

FERO Trucking Go

  • Products
  • Insurance
  • Volume Discounts
  • Buy and Sell
  • Cash Card
  • Individual cards for our transporters.
  • Phone card
  • Data sim to meet your data usage.
  • Fuel & discount coupons
  • Earn loyalty points as you go that extra mile.
Spot insurance and haulier’s insurance to cover services.
Clients - Higher Transactions, Higher Savings.
Buy and Sell – Vehicles and Spares.

Business Model

Fulfilment Model

Free registration and no monthly fees to enjoy all premium features when you engage in fulfilment services from FERO Trucking.

Subscription Model

A small monthly premium to enjoy all the powerful features of FERO Trucking such as TIA, smart contracts with API integration options in your existing trucking environment.

Lease to Market

Guaranteed maximum uptime for your fleet and resources

Write To Us

If you are a prospective Shipper, Transporter, Investor or would like to join the FERO team, write to us.